Intrusive thoughts poll

I’m going to ask my friend who does not have this condition I can imagine that its among others too. I think there is different kind of intrusive thoughts you can have as well…like compared to when I was fully psychotic to before then, and now. For such a long time its been on the same theme for just gets so boring.sometimes I feel is there a purpose for this intrusive thoughts that I get now.

I will also ask some people, if it fits in the conversation. If I find out anything, I’ll report back to here. I hope people feel free to talk about it openly.

I do think the quantity and quality of my intrusive thoughts are different in different periods of my life. When full-blown psychotic my thoughts are racing anyway, so there are loads of intrusive thoughts and also I’m much more distressed by them. Right now thoughts are fleeting in and out of my consciousness mostly, and sometimes there is a scary or weird or stupid one, but there just float away again mostly. In my case, the theme is also often the same over time.

I hope you find a good way to deal with the thoughts you have, and the theme of them. Perhaps you’d explore them with your pdoc or therapist to know what they come from?

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Yea thankyou I think i will bring it up with my therapist and see what she says.
I have never really brought it up properly with anyone but sometimes I think timing was an issue regarding bringing it up.
I hope u can overcome that as well it will probably give a bit more head space to think about other things and be less affected by them if u are.

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