Intrusive thoughts 8/10/2015

Afraid of my intrusive thoughts today. Do not want to see them or hear them. Hope things will get better. I have a fear of other people being able to see and hear these thoughts.

no one can hear or see your thoughts…it is rubbish.
i slay my demons… and use spheres of white light to get rid of bad thoughts/demons…etc…
and send them to the other side of the universes…where they are dropped off and have to walk back.
you can do this…there is nothing to be afraid of.
fear is just a word…you ultimately control your own mind.
by exercising the mind… controlling rooms in the mind… we gain more control everyday.
take care :alien:

Thanks darksith!
I will try to gain more control of my mind. And not fear so much. Thanks for your kind words.

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