Interesting encounter with woman in IOP...very enlightening experience

This woman is miserable. Her words not mine. Although it certainly seems that way to me too. Today I was standing outside and she was walking towards me I went to say hi and she just turned her head the other way.

We split up into two groups, I immediately went to the 2nd group…she followed me into that room when she didn’t have to.

She opened up about how miserable she felt and I gave good insights. She started to get better I felt. This woman has acted very bitter to me the past couple weeks. By the end of the group she was saying she would burn a CD for me to listen to and when people called me an “old soul” she said “You can say that again” about me being an old soul.

I KNOW already that things are other peoples issues when they take their anger out on me, but I learned everyone wants to get better and the fact I can help her work through her issues. Just stay true to yourself and be the positive change you want to see in the world, and eventually most people will come around.

Im happy I could cheer her up a bit. I was resentful towards her even though I know It wasn’t my fault she was angry towards me. But im happy I made her feel a bit better now.


It’s often said that you help yourself by helping others

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Also, theres this other woman who I was complaining about the other day. Honestly I think she likes me. And the way she shows she likes you is she questions everything you say and yells at you kind of. So not everyone who is insulting you means it maliciously. Gotta remember it

I think it’s those little things that help to restore my faith in humanity, I’m glad your encounter was so positive for both of you.

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