One lady at IOP is soooo rude

She has something against me for my diagnosis. Then she flirts and feels bad (I feel bad too, and hes a nice guy) but there’s this guy who OD’d on drugs and was a coma for a month and was in treatment centers for 15 months.

And she holds sympathy/empathy for him. But for no reason whatsoever (I figure because of my diagnosis) she doesn’t give me the light of day. She shuns everything I say. Ignores me. Is mean to me. She thinks shes funny with her stupid jokes but shes not at all…

At least the pretty staff member favors me. The rest of the group can have the not-so-attractive one for all I care, while the pretty one likes me a lot. Still I don’t get it.

Sometimes people just don’t like us for no good reason whatsoever. She probably finds you annoying and doesn’t have the decency to keep that to herself. Don’t let her get to you.

How am I annoying to her? I’m the least annoying person you’ll ever meet in your life. I’ve never been called annoying. I’m so chill and relaxed and etc…

She’s expressed concerns she has with me being diagnosed? She’s a bigot… And ignorant… I’m not annoying…

It was just a guess. I didn’t say you were annoying and I don’t think you are, but in my experience when people don’t like other people without giving them a reason it’s usually because they find them annoying. And I don’t think it’s possible to go through life without someone finding you annoying. I am also relaxed, and I try to be understanding and kind towards everyone I meet, but some people still get annoyed at me IRL when I am doing nothing more than just being myself.

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