Interdimensional journies in my bedroom

Im just sitting there right.

And i look over at the fluid container on my table.

And there is a very detailed woman drawn out of our reality on it.

She was made of light and dark, perfectly drawn for me to see.

Hallucination? You think so? Nope.

I wish others could see this stuff although im sure some do.

If they put that there they must have known what they were making. Perhaps makes them horrible. Scary scary stuff to be honest. A fearful thing this thing happening to me, a neverending roller coaster i can’t get off of and it’s killing me.

I don’t want to believe they knew what they were making.

Are you having a rorschach test experience?


It isn’t like that in the least.

The beings who put this here put things like that around for us to see. Imagine and invisible framework that shapes this place and nothing here can step out of it’s bounds.

People who paint even draw this stuff in their paintings without knowing it. Like it’s a part of the framework.

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It was always the selling point of having a cat for me. One to use as my eyes and ears to distinguish between .hallucinations in the house. Two the urban legend is they can see into the other realm so adds that security and peace of mind. My mental health always improved having a pet anyway so win win.

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