Want me to do your Rorschach inkblot test? I'm just a Rorschach enthusiast, not a trained psychologist so don't take it as diagnosis or treatment advice. Just for fun!

A couple years back I learned how to score and interpret the Rorschach inkblot test. The end result is a document about 5-10 pages long with detailed psychometric information about intelligence, a wide scope of information about the personality, propensity for various psychopathological thought patterns and experiences, interpersonal dynamics, and even suicide risk! Rorschach started out as a psychoanalytical practice that wasn’t all that empirical, but evolved into the Exner system of scoring, which is very data-driven, objective, and empirically oriented. I use both the Exner system and the Basic system (original system by Hermann Rorschach) because I find the Basic system to be a quaint and interesting way of ascertaining non-psychopathological (i.e. “healthy”) characteristics like intelligence, artistic aptitude, mood at the time of taking the test, et cetera, whereas the Exner system is very clinical, objective, and more likely to consider thoughts, experiences, and personality traits as “psychopathologies.” So for the most reliable and comprehensive interpretation, I use both systems. I was recently re-doing my own after doing it for myself right after I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2014, so here is my incomplete one so you can see what the results may look like:

I have calculated the results for probably about 40-50 different people throughout my life. There was a point where I asked everyone I knew to score their Rorschach, and I would do this every time I met a new person. I just find it interesting. A good amount of people are shocked at how accurate the results are, and most become really interested. I learned how to do it by finding and reading a bunch of scientific information about the systems, and then I talked to my therapist about it who gave me a bunch of advice on how to do it, while warning me not to diagnose people or offer medical advice, which I do think is very important when taking this test which should just be for fun if it’s not from a clinician. Contrary to popular perception, the method of interpretation is very objective and is so specific that it leaves little room for practitioner bias, and it is less about what you see and more about how you say it. It’s all about ratios and percentages of different types of responses.

Keep in mind that I am not in any way a mental health professional, so this is JUST FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL ENJOYMENT. Do not take anything to be a diagnosis or having any impact on your treatment! This is just for fun! I really enjoy doing this, even though it takes like 2-3 hours to complete just one. So expect responses to be slow and to come in over the next couple of days. But I have nothing to do in my life until I start school in the spring, and I’m a bit hypomanic and stimulated because of a new med, so I don’t mind the work!

I really believe in the empirical and psychometric value of the updated Rorschach system. I really dislike the MMPI-2 because of the bias of the questions and just the silliness of its presumptions about human nature, despite the fact that the MMPI-2 is regarded as the most “empirical” psychometric test. I have talked at length with psychologists about psychometric testing, and I have never seen a projective test that came close to as empirically valid or as functional and interesting as the Rorschach, and the other psychometric tests are usually multiple choice questionnaires which I see major problems with in terms of the limits of their application and validity. I also really dislike IQ tests because they are not good predictors for anything really, they fluctuate drastically, and are very limited in their ability to test intelligence, especially considering intelligence should probably be defined first in psychology before attempting to measure it. But the really awesome thing about the Rorschach is that it is proven to reliably measure intelligence roughly corresponding to IQ, but it is able to measure creative and emotional intelligence because of the abstract nature of the test. Another cool thing about the Basic system created by Dr. Rorschach is that it determines whether at the moment of taking the test a schizophrenic is suffering more from positive symptoms (specifically hallucinations, delusions, or paranoia), cognitive symptoms (or in severe cases disorganization), catatonic symptoms like psychomotor retardation or agitation, or whether they are mostly stable and just experiencing negative symptoms. The negative symptoms cluster is also used to test for prodromal schizophrenia. It tests also whether someone is experiencing unipolar depression, normal high mood, bipolar depression, or mania. The Basic system is my favorite part of doing the test, but it’s definitely not as scientifically reliable as the revised Exner system, although like I mentioned it gives some interesting information. I will probably post later some data on the reliability and validity of the revised, modern Rorschach inkblot test, but for now, I’ll try to get started on some of your responses.

Okay, so I will post the images in a separate post below. There are 10 inkblots. Since I am giving the test over the computer, I cannot record your speech, so it is important that you type out whatever comes to your mind, without editing it. You can give multiple answers for one inkblot. Please put all your answers in one post, as opposed to replying an answer for each image.

I will try to get this all done as soon as possible, and I will try to get to everybody, but depending on how many people are interested it may take a while. I will PM you a document with your comprehensive results so that no one else can see. And I would appreciate it if you told me how accurate it was.

Have fun!


Inkblot I



Inkblot II

Inkblot III

Inkblot IV

Inkblot V

That test is ■■■■■■■■.

I’ll try this for a laugh.

Blot 1= alien

Blot 2= 2 bears holding a human

Blot 3= 2 men preparing to lift a heavy basket

Blot 4= a half human monster

Blot 5 = A devil like creature

Blot 6= A coat hanging on a pole .

Blot 7= two women chatting to each other

Blot 8= woman with hands on her hips

Blot 9 = vagina

Blot 10 = worms

Did you read my post? Admittedly it’s long. But there are basically different systems for using the Rorschach. The first one, yes, is admittedly unscientific and not very data driven. AKA what some people would call BS. But it was actually revised by the psychologists Exner and Weiner, who amassed a HUGE dataset of people with a broad spectrum of diagnoses, including healthy people, and have actually been able to determine personality, intelligence, and psychopathology very accurately because the revised version of the test is extremely objective and calculated precisely. The way it is calculated in the revised Exner system does NOT allow room for any subjective BS.

I will send some research on the validity of the revised system of interpretation, okay? It’s not considered BS by psychologists. It’s taught in every single graduate psychology program, and it is used almost universally along with the MMPI-2 in forensic populations. I think people who believe the Rorschach is ■■■■■■■■ vastly misinterpret how it’s actually done. It’s not like: “Oh he said this looks like a vagina, he must have problems with his mother.” It’s not that way at all. All it is, is determined by statistics. Each “determinant” like whether a color was incorporated into the response, the use of human vs animal movement in the response, and whether the answer has a form, or uses a specific thought error, et cetera, has been researched extensively in populations with specific diagnoses like schizophrenia, and normal people, and compared with the outcomes of other psychometric tests, on a MASSIVE scale (thousands of people were studied to build the Exner system), in order to arrive at some likely conclusions.

For example, 66% of hospital patients who score above a certain amount on the Suicide Constellation, a bunch of variables that are correlated with depression, actually went in to kill themselves within 60 days of being released from the hospital. That’s just an example, but I’ll send some data.

There’s 4 more!

I will play along and show you how wrong this is

1 coyote
2 two bears
3 two monkeys
4 fly
5 bat
6 possum
7 thumbs up
8 2 raccoons
9 mask
10 vagina

I took this test before and got 5 pages of negative stuff written about me. I didn’t find it very accurate.

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I can actually relate to your frustration! When I was 16, after a series of hospitalizations/a psychotic break, I was being evaluated to see if I would qualify for disability accommodations (Individualized Education Plan), and the psychologist literally did not even ask me a single question about myself, but instead had me do test after test for a total of FIVE hours! And then wrote up a whole report with some mildly offensive things about my mental state, relationship to others, intelligence, and “emotional disturbance” most of which was inaccurate, all without actually talking to me in a Structured Clinical Interview. I’m sorry you had a poor experience. I believe, and most psychologists believe, that any psychometric test, whether it be the MMPI-2 or the Rorschach, should ALWAYS be used in conjunction with actually doing a full psychiatric evaluation INTERVIEW with the patient/client. It’s incredibly presumptuous to use a test to make wild claims about a person, in all their infinite complexity.

So in that way, an online-delivered Rorschach test like I’m doing will only be so accurate, you are right, because I am not a psychologist, and I have not ever talked to you about anything in your life. So that’s why I say that this is mostly, when used ALONE, an interesting, fun tool to understand yourself, although not always accurate, especially when an amateur administers it, without doing an interview.

But I hope my interpretation/scoring sheds more light on the positive aspects of your personality. I’ll get right on it! Thanks for participating despite your reservations.

Okay, I’ll get started! Thanks for participating, @firemonkey.

Just another reminder guys: It is encouraged to give more than one answer should it come to your mind, and try to make your answers detailed at your discretion.

I don’t mind the interpretation and can take it but when they put the results in my official medical records I had had enough. I gave my records to the VA and didn’t keep a copy.

Now I wish I had a copy of that report to read it again. I could share it and compare it with yours. I gave short answers the last time too and her results were very negatively detailed and gave me a diagnosis they stuck in my medical records. Anxiety NOS. I don’t think I really have an anxiety disorder aside from paranoia.

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