INSTAPOT has arrived

I’ll be making my first INSTAPOT meal tonight :slight_smile:


Oh man I keep looking at those!

I can tell you how it goes


Congratulations, let’s make some delicious food, you should post its look here,

Pork tenderloin tonight 40 min prep and cook time

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Dinner changed to chili


Why would you want an instapot? I don’t get them.

Throw chili ingredients into a pot, sit for 12 min, enjoy

It has a timer too :slight_smile:

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I was able to get rid of my Crock-Pot and rice cooker cuz my Instapot does both. I love mine.

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i’d love to use a crockpot, i think they should have some short cookery classes to help people know how to use them,

same with making smoothies/milkshakes/crushes and juices etc, i’d love to know how to do that and maybe have taster sessions too,

i think i’m going to keep these ideas for the clubhouse, things are a bit hectic atm though so maybe later in the year,

tonight i had a free dinner vegan Mushroom & Lentil Hotpot with broccoli and cabbage very nice and healthy but i’d have liked a bit of beef in it i think :slight_smile:

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Rock on @Moonwalker

I received my InstantPot two days ago. I made spare ribs last night. Man for a 35 minute cook time they were delicious. The meat nearly melted in my mouth. Next I’m gonna do a vegetarian dish.


Today I made Mac and cheese, and by the way the chili came out great.

4 cups water
1 lb pasta
Chopped broccoli

Throw it in the pot, set for 5 min (which is really 15 min because it takes 10 min to get up to temperature)

When it beeps throw in cheese and Greek yougert


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