Instant coffee bad for your health?

I just found out that instant coffee contains higher amounts of a cancer causing chemical than regular brewed coffee!

I usually drinks lots of instant coffee everyday!

Going to switch back to using my trusty coffee machine starting tomorrow.


Thanks. I’ve been buying instant coffee. I’m not going to buy it anymore.


I just have one cup of instant Nescafé Classico black coffee a day, so I don’t think it’s that bad for me. But if I drank a lot of it, I’d switch too


nescafe spiked with hallucinogens

I remember when Gaddafi was still alive he was saying the protests against him were caused by Nescafe

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Instant is my only option right now, but this is good info. Definitely switching as soon as I’m able.

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More info:

" Food and cigarette smoke are the major sources of acrylamide exposure for people in the general population (3, 4).

The major food sources of acrylamide are French fries and potato chips; crackers, bread, and cookies; breakfast cereals; canned black olives; prune juice; and coffee."

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