Addicted to drinking canned coffee

I had a habit of drinking canned coffee,Nescafé every morning when I reached my workplace.I like the caffeine and sugar rush I guess.To me,it’s not as healthy as drinking non sugar black coffee or just plain water.I am a week off those drink but the craving is coming back very strong though.Anyone like to drink canned coffee or instant coffee like me?

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I like instant coffee, but I don’t put any sugar in it.

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I drink Nescafé Classico dark roast. I have cup a day, no creamer, no sugar, just plain black coffee

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I only drink canned coffee at the moment… I have it every morning

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I’m not drinking instant coffee anymore. It’s not as healthy as real coffee.

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That’s healthier 151515

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I like iced lattes, but I make mine using an espresso maker. You can make them the night before and keep them in the fridge for later. A lot cheaper than buying. I use sugar free vanilla syrup and sodium cyclamate sweetener so the only calories come from the 8 oz of skim milk in it. It’s pretty reasonable. Might be a cheaper option for you? You can also try cold brewing fresh ground coffee – it’s a silky smooth experience. Cold brewed coffee is much less bitter.

Yea,I am not happy about the health effect.The canned drink I buy a day is not expensive,but caned drink is unhealthy?

I like canned coffee. However at a minimum of about £1.50/$2.08 a can it’s too expensive.

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I’m having instant coffee for another couple of days until my regular roast coffee arrives.

I just found out that instant coffee is not as healthy as regular roast coffee.

I cleaned out my coffee machine yesterday.
I will be using it soon.


I drink one or two cups of instant coffee most of the days. I put in way too much sugar, like 4 tea spoons each cup. I need to call my doctor tomorrow because I have high blood sugar level. I’m diabetic.

I think I am hatching an egg right now. I should definitely get away from sugar. And my doctor told me to stop smoking too. I find it hard to do without these two things right now. But it has to be done.

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I once for three weeks drank two cans of coffee with cream and sugar most of the days. I stopped this and put away my coffee machine. I’m now drinking tea without sugar or sweetener couple times. I can not switch fully to tea or coffee without cream and sugar now. I’m getting used too it. I hope to jump off this sugar drinking addiction, I have to, it’s about my health.

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I cut down. I’m only drinking one cup of instant a day now.

two cups of nescafe with one teaspoon each a day with only milk

Have you ever tried Mr.Brown iced coffee?

After switching to decaffeinated coffee, the craving slowly faded away.

Plus I found that I need to add TWIN sweetener since I avoid sugar at all costs.

So I was using a lot of packets of sweetener. But I found that if I just add two packets to the coffee grinds in the coffee maker, that turned out to be enough. It seems to enhance the sweetener due to it being exposed to the boiling water in the coffee maker rather than adding it to the not so hot cup of coffee later on…

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