Inspiring quote (for my friends on the weight loss thread)

I found this today in a spiritual book. I will leave out the spiritual part and just share the main part.

“If you continue to do ‘the next right thing’ when you wake up in the morning, if that is your goal for the day, it begins to add up. The days become weeks. The weeks become months. The months become years. Before you know it, you’re operating in a different place.”
(Kathy Troccoli and Dee Brestin)

This is what I say in the weight loss thread - I make one meal’s good decision at a time, and it’s adding up to a lot as the days go by. I have to eat, I might as well make good choices when I do. It does make a difference!

I just wanted to share in case anyone else finds it inspiring.


And before you know it… everything changes!

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That’s an old one! Kathy is primarily a Christian artist, but that song was on the regular charts. I love her, she’s very inspiring. I have several Christian DVDs she’s done, some with a co-leader, and all of them are excellent.


Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

I know she’s had a full and successful career since then. It’s just the first thing that comes to mind when I see her name, since I haven’t been following her.

Thank you for sharing that quote! It’s a good one. I will try to keep it in mind as I continue on my weight loss journey. It really is one step at a time. Keep walking in the right direction, and you’re gonna go far! :blush:

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