Inside vs outside voices poll

My inside voices are pretty quiet on medicine. They are there, I know what they are thinking. But they are doing it quietly so I’m happy with that.

As far as outside voices go I don’t hear them very often but when I do they are creepy. I’ve heard the phone jack say my name in an evil voice, The worst was a whisper in my ear. So real I could almost feel the heat of it’s breath on my neck. Then there’s the distant conversation where I can’t make out what they are saying. And there’s the voice that just pops into my head from outside and compels me to do bad things. .

What’s worse for you inside or outside voices?

  • inside voices are worse
  • outside voices are worse
  • both are bad
  • I like my voices
  • poll are for chumps

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I’ve had both and outside voices are worse in my opinion. They both suck, but outside is worse.


I don’t know I kind of like my voices but there were a couple i didn’t like. I hated it when jeff’s voice got in my head I would try to get rid of it but couldn’t. him and pigface. two former bball teammates, I think I had some repressed emotions about jeff and he used it against me. outside voices didn’t bother me, I preferred them

basically I was at peace with all the voices except jeff and pigface. if I were to hear from them I’d prefer they be outside voices

I hear foreign persons voices… Yet how do they know my name?

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Inside voices are worse because I find them harder to ignore, especially when they start giving commands.

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I don’t mind my voices. Neither my outside audible voices nor my outside messages that I get (ideas of reference). I can say that I even like them. Most of them anyway. Frequently, my messages are negative and make me feel guilty, or they try to.

I don’t have external voices, so I had to pick internal.

I have heard external before but they were when I was very little and were not scary, or during sleep paralysis so I don’t really count it.

My voices speak to me in Spanish and English. Sometimes Japanese

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i felt a voice shush me once in my ear. it felt like SHHHHHHHHHHH and air was blown from inside my ear and out or something. because i was going to tell someone something i wasnt suppose to tell anyone they said.
I used to hear my name being called all the time too.
now its only ocassional inside voices.

lately whenever i go into gas stations they tell me not to buy lottery tickets and that its not the right one or time. i rarely ever buy them anyway. but ocassionaly they will be like. this is the one this is it, do it.

typical command voices.

or they will offer advice on various things. which is just a ploy to get me to listen to them until im eventually told to do something stupid.

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Both are bad. I have mainly internal and rarely external


1- There is no any outside voices, even if you hear the vocal wave coming from outside ( someone in external environment send voice message for you )
2- Close your ear by your fingers for any period of time ,you will notice that all voices your hear are internally (the sender is internally)

  • impossible to hear a voices coming from outside while your ear closed !
    3- The voice wave emanates from inside(imaginary speaker) in the direction of outside (ear>external air> external environment)
    4-No one can avoid this artifice )ruse(

that’s a really good point. It’s just that they seem to be coming from outside sometimes.


Any person with sz feels that,the voices has coming from outside all time of waking, as if there is a person/persons in external world sending the voice message though the air ,and this is the basic material of Delusion,because this voices are Spoken Thoughts ,wherever the thoughts are mental pluses or / sign running only inside the brain cells and unable to broadcasting in the air from person to other

Outside voices are worse because you can’t always tell if they are real or not. Inside voices are less likely to be as questionable.

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The mental thought of the human being during the natural condition,are broadcasting in mind/brain as a Sign not a heard Voices/ or verbally voices,the thoughts display themselves in the conscious mind as a speechless sign not a heard voice, wherever the conscious mind reads or translates the meaning in the sign causing meaning perception process.

while the cause of Sz producing vocal thoughts in mind/brain of the human being causing the meaning perception process directly by NEW vocal process ( not silent as normal )

What is the main different between a heard words and understood words ?
the vocal thoughts of Sz cause; are understood words just if you hear it ( regardless its subject or meaning) ,while heard words be understood only if you know its subject and meaning

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