Inner peace is missing


Not sure if I quite like his analogy. Material riches are not a prerequisite to achieving inner peace, or even related to it at all.

it means you may have riches but the real riches are in our thoughts

It doesn’t mean that. The quote says lack of inner peace equals you are dying of thirst. Material riches equals swimming in a lake. You should be able to slake your thirst by drinking, ie material riches are inner peace if you know what to do with them. That is the message of the quote.

But it is not true. Inner peace is not achieved through riches, the two are not related. Look at the Buddhists, there is a whole religion based on achieving happiness and inner peace, a rich and complex path that requires no material wealth.

what if it was an ocean instead?

riches are there but no peace of mind

lake for bathe is there but thirst not fulfilled

this comparison is itself wrong

We all know we need inner peace more than riches

We may have riches but we need inner peace, we may not have riches, we still need inner peace

comparing this with lake-thirst sentence changes the entire meaning

the comparision is itself faulty I guess

we are supposed to think we need more inner peace

we should not say we have riches—lake and we can’t drink from it

this is not about having mental peace with riches, we should have mental-inner peace even without riches

yup comparision is itself faulty

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“What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?”

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Inner peace is what it is all about. To achieve it, all one has to do is avoid negativity and channel your time into something creative or practical. The best way to discover inner peace and happiness is through nature; either in a garden, a park or in a woodland setting. The Japanese garden is one deliberately created with the aim of finding peace and contentment.

You won’t find inner peace on the internet forum. That is because forum posts are, on the whole, negative.

Best wishes,

Without negative there is no knowledge of negative.

Now that negative exists, what is our choice?

What if being positive and or negative is not a choice but automatic?

Schizophrenia without treatment is automatic or without control / choice

is negative and we don’t deserve to be called negative, we didn’t make

that choice we were born with that negative chance it’s not choice,

it’s chance we didn’t ever dream of, it’s a nightmare.

Nightmare amen to that … my dreams are crazy o.o