World peace and homeostasis


It’s unfortunate that our world does not place due respect and importance upon cultivating inner peace.

It is much too focussed on individual achievement, and self gain. Competition that inspires excellent is a good thing, competition that results in war… Not so much

Few seem blessed with the first, and all of us cursed by the second

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I think everybody is the same as the world though too. It’s a paradox, we war at the selves to bring peace and through adversity continue to accumulate more war or abruptly hit peace and forget about ongoing war itself. Or in all tenses of time hit the conclusion that there was never a difference between peace or war and cease to assume that there was ever an inherent reason to ever take on a goal to attain peace in the first place besides for dominance over war. Maybe strife is the peace we always sought. And peace was never without strife. There is no cultivation, we cannot accumulate anything that is not already there, we can only transform it.

What I think you were saying is that peace cannot arise without the presence of war. Or do I have that completely backwards? Perhaps peace was always only meant for the few who seek it. That seems to describe the world as it is, is it possible that we could change that in time? I’m really not sure

The quote of yours, I’m not sure I follow

I’m saying that neither could exist without a fundamental carrying of the other. There could not be the ability to make connections or bonds without the prejudice to distinct what you are bonded to and what you are not bonded to. The problem arises when all those bonds become arbitrary mass control. rather than meaningful undertaking; business and pure profit. Nothing long term.
Scarcity. Scarcity creates demand. Demand creates those who wish to meet demand. That creates competition. Modern war is about these factors, it is a battle of resources on a mass reaping scale. Identity is all game and it’s numbers to be prejudiciously handled. These things exist in society constantly but it’s bloated and tired now. I suppose the only peace that could ever be attained is with yourself and the distinction of yourself from what the world wishes, prejudice to the world and home to only what you wish. But the world’s systems and social movements will always view that as destructive and immature; at least the largest and most influential. Which they may be correct but the alternative is subservience. Maybe balance is a better thing to seek because peace is going to be conflict towards war. So if you want peace expect at least a battle with yourself, close ones, and the world about what you mean. The kind of extreme &s we all live by are not worth living for. Change is eventual and change will hurt somebody. I don’t think I’m smart enough to project anything that would ever occur, I’m just dealing with what is currently happening.

I agree that balance is the goal. I guess I wandered from the territory of personal peace, extended into World Peace.

If war and Bloodsport are to continue, they must change form radically. I fear, and sadly believe, that that need will always live on inside many people’s hearts. Perhaps this is also a part of Being Human

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