Inner mechanics of bullying

I was bullied a lot. Then I bullied. That’s just a summary, and I’m sure some of you guys have been through the same thing.

Why do the bullied become bullies?

What is someone unconsciously doing when they bully?

I find that my illness makes me think everyone could bully me at any second. My two best friends in the world I don’t even trust anymore. It’s something I’m grieving.

I look back on the limited amount of bullying I did as a kid with shame. I often wonder how it felt to the person I bullied. Kids can be pretty cruel.

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I bullied housewives as a teen after a long stint of being bullied myself. I think it’s for survival. I don’t know why but I was overcome by peer pressure to exceed them.

Attack is the first form of defence…

i was never really bullied at school, i was in a few fights with some assholes but they were fighting me and i was just defending myself, i think people didnt bother me bc i am so awesome, i was never a bully but i did have a laugh, not at anyone elses expense except maybe a couple of teachers :confused:

nvm. I don’t really know why

The bullies are those who are not so liked and friendly as the rest of their peers, and so, are probably afraid of being singled out from the rest so they resort to picking on even the weaker ones so as to better establish themselves in the pecking order of things by giving the weaker the designation that was their greatest fear and that was the fear of being singled out and separated from the more popular kids in the crowd, where in being a part of that crowd meant a chance at gaining more friends and greater opportunities for that which we all seek when that young, besides just recognition, but any recognition is better then none at all.

I think one reason is that when you get bullied you learn that bullying is OK. Then you find out bullying those who are under you on the social ladder at school makes you feel more confident. And that makes it very tempting to try to repair your broken self-image by passing on the bullying.

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As a kid I kind of bullied the other neighborhood kids, I was also bullied myself in elementary and middle school.

I know both sides of the coin.

Like someone else said, a form of self defence :smirk:

I didn’t bully other kids after beating up the bully when I was in junior high. I actually think that violence, namely I make this a sexist prerogative, male on male violence and aggression is not good for humanity. I might enjoy violence and be skilled at it, but I just am that way naturally. I always wanted to be in charge of the wolf like men because I am one but I hate being one, that and I’m smarter than the average ■■■■■■■.

Well I was in charge for a while. I actually made sure that the underdog boys were treated well and I also would spend my time with them, eat lunch with them, ect. To establish that I had their back and that they weren’t to be ■■■■■■ with. I was the top dog at a shitty little school where bullying went unnoticed or perhaps turned a blind eye to. I made a spectacular ass kicking of the alpha male after being the victim for years and in about thirty seconds I stole his power over others by beating his little smart ass into tears.

This is why I wanted to join SEALs. I am naturally aggressive, and I am also quite smart. I have the ENTJ profile which is a natural leader who can be cold at times.

Instead I’m a psychology student who goes to the gym a lot.

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You bullyd house wives Daze?..
That is freaking hilarious.

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I know nonviolent people in the military… somehow