Initiating friendship

I have met lots through college and volunteer
But I am too embarrassed to initiate a friendship also people I meet seem to all have relationships


Do you want friendship or relationship?

Anything will do freind or relationship

Did you have sth of both in you’re life?

I can’t read your sentence

Did you have relationship or friendship in your life.I ask because I had friendships and relations before I got ill.Not after that.

Lived in lots different places and had freinds
Since living where I am now for almost 20 years can’t seem to find friends have been struggling on new meds also which doesn’t help
I am not 100%

As i remember you’re been on clozapine.Am I right?

Been on clozapine twelve years

Well it’s hard drug to wean off?

It is hard to ween off but I tried all of them
I can’t afford another relapse

You can PM me…

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