Influence of Antipsychotic and Anticholinergic Loads on Cognitive Functions in Patients with Schizophrenia

Results showed significant negative effects of ADD on performance in tests of information processing speed and verbal memory. No effects were found for CDD. The potential neuropsychopharmacological and clinical implications are discussed.

My intelligent is not good than before.that s for sure.and also i started to forget simple english words and dictation.i feel that my brain cell connection are losing.but i m not sure that is this for sz itself or medication.but my concentration is much more better than before with ap’s

Hm… Better discontinue the use of my medicine, ASAP

Seriously, how is this beneficial to anyone on here? Relevant, perhaps.

I think it’s an argument for not being on too high a dose rather than not being on an antipsychotic at all.

When I was on abilify 10 mg my memory and Understanding Was 100% impaired Antipsychotics SUCKS ! …Iti-007 doesn’t affect the mascarinic receptors hopefully it will be different Not Another ***** AP

I think atypical anti-psychotics have less cognitive impairment than typical anti-psychotics. When I was on Haldol I could not write - at all. Of course, I was demoralized when I was on Haldol. Things are better on Geodon and Seroquel.

God, what a surprise here.
I already knew that since I stopped antipsychotics last year, before my relapse, my attention was back, and my memory was working really better
It was a mistake of course, but I should’ve reduced my dose of Invega instead of stopping it brutally
Now I’m taking Abilify Maintena and I was wondering if this medication has a high anticholinergic action too ?

Abilify has not a high anticholinergic action , it is a good antipsychotic in my opinion!
Sorry for my english, si tu préfères on peut parler français , je suis de Grenoble!:grin: