Commonly Used Drugs for Schizophrenia Linked to Greater Cognitive Impairment

anticholinergic drugs.


Are Risperdal and Zyprexa anticholinergic?

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I knew about this.

Benztropine being one of them (for side effects)

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They are ,all antipsychotics are anticholigenic


I just read that Clozapine is the most anticholinergic. Risperdal is one of the lowest, Zyprexa is in the middle. Dont know how true is that.

I don’t think all are anticholinergic. Many of them are, but I don’t think all of them are

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my cognitive function is pretty bad without them too, catch 22?


Yea me too, idk if they really make it worse. I have ADHD symptoms, I want to try ADHD meds but they can cause psychosis so I wont.

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Neither risperidone nor paliperidone are antagonists of muscarinic receptors, predicting a low rate of anticholinergic side effects, including cognitive dysfunction and gastrointestinal disturbances (Shayegan & Stahl
And i know that paliperidone also has protect neuroplasticity of brain.i don t know why demonising such a fantastic drug!!


I guess I’m quite fortunate, as I’ve not noticed a significant drop in cognition. Like a lot of autistic people I have my relative strengths and weaknesses, but those were there pre severe mental illness and psych meds.

This quote from that article is interesting
“Everyone caring for those living with schizophrenia — mental health providers, primary care providers, specialists, and loved ones — should be vigilant in trying to reduce anticholinergic burden in a holistic way so that we can be good stewards of our patients’ long-term cognitive health.”

Wellll…I’m screwed. Dementia-land, here I come, baby! (“that’s what she said” --steve carrell)

This is just messed up. I already knew that being on these damn meds was messing up with my cognition, just ask my brain four years ago compared to my brain now! We need greater help for negative symptoms, not terrible medications that make cognition worse when it is already impaired! My greatest impairment is no longer hallucinations, it is this cognitive burden I live with every day that doesn’t permit me to work or to even feel like a human being. Just wow.

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I’ve been thinking about this article tonight after reading it, and I wonder if this is only the tip of the iceberg. We are just now getting to a point where we can learn about the brain more, and can perform some of these tests (and have a lot of experience with what the meds do). Wouldn’t surprise me if in 30 years or so the technology of the day will look back on these meds as beyond barbaric. Neuron-seizing? (Neuro-leptic) Yep, you better believe it.

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The dose should be as low as possible while still having a positive effect on symptoms.

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Yes, firemonkey. I am on 3 AP’s for the last 8 years and doing very well on them.

I’ve been thinking of asking my new doctor, or pharmacist really, if she can either take me off of Seroquel completely or taper me off Risperdal Consta and taper me onto Risperdal oral form?

I hope she’s more open to it than my last two doctors were.