Infinite money vs super powers

I would be the poor black homelessness guy with jumper abilities. Or a water bender .
I’ll have to be homeless just because…you know .the government would be after me. I’m pretty sure

If I could control time I could do anything.

That said if I had infinite money I could do practically anything also.

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Since we have faith…wecan do anything

No infinite powers…I could hurt myself.
Just a money to take my kid to the Smithsonian Museum in NY to see a goddamn dinosaur fossil and some for candies and clothes.

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Hancock? Is that you?


I choose infinite money. I can spend as i please and help out a ton of people. Superpowers are selfish. Money comes easy and goes easy. Super powers require work and responsibility

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I chose Time broker…enough said.

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INVISIBILITY!!! Then i could just rob banks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d go with invisibility as well…

Doesn’t always work out for the best…

Also, you might be invisible, but what about the cash?

I could toggle it on/off. Mostly used for social situations I’d rather not be in.

Teleportation… I can teleport in and out of bank vaults in disguise and make … withdrawals. (Hehehe.) AND, I can teleport away from in-laws faster than Mrs. Pixel can object.


Infinite money. No worries, Flower, I’d make sure the government couldn’t find you.

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