Increasing the Klonopin


I have to take a benzodiazepine - Klonopin for my anxiety/edginess. I am currently on too low a dose - its not helping quell down my anxiety enough. Since I have been taking the new antidepressant, my anxiety increased a bit.
I am on 0.5mg of Klonopin only, I take it in divided doses. Maybe I am going to increase it to 0.75 or 1 mg.
If you are taking a benzo on a regular basis, are you on a low - mid range - or high dose?
Maybe I will be encouraged to do more things on a higher dose

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There was once I was prescribed benzo and asked to used it when needed only,Xanax 0.5mg,I tried a few times it didn’t really helped



when i was taking my meds i took a 1mg pill 3 times a day. any less didnt help. just beware of side effects as you get to higher doses.

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Thanks proof very much for that piece of information - it was helpful :smiley:



I take .5 mg twice per day. I’m not sure how much it helps, but I’m going to keep taking it.

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Thank you Caroline for that info - I might still divide my dose as well

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I take 1 mg, 3 times daily. It really works for me. But, in about a year or so, I start becoming tolerant to it, and it’s helpful effects lessen.

So about once per year, my doc switches me to a new benzodiazepine. I go between Xanax, Valium, and Klonopin. That way, I don’t have to keep raising the dosage.

Hope this helps, Wave!



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Thanks Anthony your advice did help me :smiley:



They have me on .5 as well, but my doc only gives me 7of them for a whole month. No good. I had a horrible panic attack two days in a row this weekend and I took every klon in the house. Now I’m screwed for the rest of the month, which brings anxiety about having anxieties. I really wish tht doctors would be less concerned for us and the possibilities of addiction. They can be very helpful when they are taken right and at a proper dosage. I have a severe negative reaction to Valium so I can’t do the rotation thing.(I get super violent and have super powers when on Valium, but the klonopin doesn’t do that to me) I definitely need more of them in a months time and at a higher dosage because I am usually riddled with fear of something.(anything could do it to me, even reaching into my own pocket scares the hell out of me)
Thanks for listening and hope my input is beneficial.