Increased prolactin. how to treat?

hi, tell me the treatment methods for elevated pralactin without canceling the medicine

i think sometimes they add a small dose of abilify

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Мне не подходит абилифай

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Thank you, tell me more about this. Abilify does not suit me

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What do you want to know?

I drink chlorprotexen and eglonil. drugs increase prolactin. I drank Abilifay separately and Abalifay did not fit, I felt bad on it. how can they be used in conjunction?

There are drugs that raise prolactin but they come with a lot of negative side effects.
Abilify didn’t agree with me either.
It’s best to talk it over with your doctor.

in Russia, doctors shrug and say “well, you drink antipsychotics.” upon discharge from the hospital, they did not tell me to monitor the blood. such is our medecine

i read somewhere high doses of vitamin e lower prolactin. but I’ve never tried it. I think my prolactin is fine, but I used to be concerned about it.

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Hi. You are from Russsia? I am from friendly slavic country Croatia. I had also been on Eglonil (generic name for this med is “sulpiride”) and it was good for my schizophrenia symptoms but had elevated my prolactin levels. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to lower prolactin levels while taking sulpiride. Abilify doesn’t help. Only thing you can do is quit sulpiride and take another antpsychotic…

I don’t know the first med you have mentioned “chlorprotexen”. Can you write exactly what it says on the pill bottle ?

Best regards.

clotrotexene is an old antipsychotic. it does not increase prolactin. the doctor and I are trying to pick up medications to replace the egonil, but everything is clear.

Thanks you :slightly_smiling_face:

what are you drinking instead of eglonil?

Clozapine. …

very hard drug. I tried it. This is the last thing I would return to

Everyone is different. Some say clozapine od the best, others say its the worst.

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Thank you, I’m doing well with potency. there may be a bad spermogram, but I didn’t make analyzes

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