Inappropriate things

When you were first ill/more ill than you are now and not receiving treatment did you ask people inappropriate things?
I had a spell of doing this in the years leading up to my first hospitalisation.

Yea I ask a lot of inappropriate things,@firemonkey just curious are you doing well now?because I remember you are quite anti psychiatrist in the past

@Mobc1990 I think you have me mixed up with someone else, as although critical of psychiatry i have never been antipsychiatry and wanting it’s destruction. I want the house renovated/repaired,not totally demolished.
As for how i am doing- Let’s just say i drift along in a rather aimless way. I function but not at a particularly high level. I am not acutely ill but have chronic long term problems .

Sorry,then your not anti psychiatrist,just curious what is your long term problem now?social problem or negative symptoms?

Definitely social problems. I have no friends in 3D ie off the internet and am on my own over 95% of the time. Negative symptoms is more debatable in that can you have them if you don’t have a schizophrenia diagnosis or do you call it something else?
What i do have is low ambition/drive/and motivation and struggle to think of future goals beyond losing weight.

I think the two can very much go together.

Ok,I cannot imagine my long term goal but I definitely had short term goal and I force myself to be motivated but not extremely motivated though

I did that a lot. I also did a lot of inappropriate things. Sad thing is… now that I am on meds and in therapy… I still find myself asking inappropriate things. The words just pop out of my mouth before I can stop them…

I don’t have the best internal filter. Again… I know I write much better then I talk.

I do this frequently when not stable, like when I am in between antipsychotics. I realize after the fact

When angry I lose that appropriate filter and tell it as is. No flowers to soften the blow. Lately, I’ve learned to control my anger to almost nonexistant.

A few amusing incidents. But I don’t do it often.