Inanimate objects talking

A microwave talked to me once; something about the apocalypse and war :neutral_face:


The only times inanimate objects talk to me are when delicious foods are begging to be eaten or cigarettes begging to be smoked :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m kidding.

I can imagine having inanimate objects talk at you would be pretty scary.

This happened to me once. I rolled over onto a stuffed animal and it said ‘ouch! That hurt’ I was in the hospital so they raised my medication.


I hear voices in objects all the time. Like water, the wind, random sounds, the undercurrent in people’s voices. It’s interesting.

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the plug in where the phone goes calls my name sometimes or the regular electrical plug ins. Sometimes I’ll hear a voice right at the same time I’m focusing on something and for a second I get confused. And yes I’ll hear voices and laughter on the wind. I should say when I’m not on meds, I’m cool right now.

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When I was on a very low dose of meds because my doctor was a douche bag and he refused to raise them. I was eating a bowl of Mac and cheese I heard it start to cry like a baby

I’ve never had them actually talk to me. That hasn’t stopped me having phases in the past when I kept on expecting it to happen. Hasn’t happened though since I’ve been on the Consta.

I talk to inanimate objects a lot. Not in front of people. I just don’t want to bother anything.

The coffee machine used to be my worst enemy…i swear. When it was brewing it would talk so much ■■■■ about me. Like wtf?? Rarely happens now. Even during my most recent psychosis (lasted for four days last week) I didn’t hear it. I heard a little bit of talking in the running water fountain in my backyard last week.

They said “he’s right over there” and it actually made me remember that i needed to refill the fountain :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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