In dreams I am always a big designer again

I am always busy in some design studio designing homes again when I dream…what do you dream about?


In dreams I dream about socialising and being out with dream friends. Or working in an office like the old days.


I dream about playing FPS videogames often.

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Lately, being trapped in a shopping mall or a school, being brain damaged and freaking out about it, getting lost or separated from someone important, or driving a car trying not to crash on a chaotic overpass. It’s good to know at least one of us is having good dreams!

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I dream about many things always vivid. So many complex plots and interesting settings. I love when I dream!!

But unfortunately the nightmares are like that too vivid and terrifying

Adventuring the ethereal planes, I tend to do that a lot. Sometimes I’m in good areas, it’s peaceful and calm. Sometimes I’m on the lower planes and things get scary

Only wacky ■■■■ that doesn’t make any sense.

Usually i have nightmares, yesterday i had a dream about an abstract figure who tried to choke me while i was sleeping

i dream of somewhat ordinary stuff but i can control and tweak every aspect of the dream to what i want, basically can do whatever i want and make anything happen no matter how unrealistic using my mind, it doesnt always work out tho sometimes im unaware than i wake up and realize what went wrong

I dream about socializing with old friends or believe it or not with my ex wife who was abusive towards me in real life.

But during my dreams she is nice and friendly.

When I feel out of control about something, I dream that I am driving a car where the brakes fail, the accelerator sticks in the down position, and I am about to crash. Or I dream that all my teeth are falling out.

I used to remember my dreams a lot better than I do now on Zyprexa. On Haldol I would fall into a deep sleep for about 12 hours and I always remembered my dreams. On Zyprexa I have a lot of energy and I don’t sleep as deeply or as long.

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i swear i think ur brain is wired exactly opposite as mine, i gained alot of weight on zyprexa you lose weight,
i would remember every dream and had super vivid dreams and sleep like 14 hours a day on zyprexa and have no energy and you dont remember yours as well and dont sleep very much on it and have energy,
i lost alot of weight on geodon and you gained on it,

i think it is cool that stuff that effects the receptors can have an opposite effect on someone elses receptors i wonder what is the science behind this, also i have had the teeth falling out dream before i wonder what it means

Being a doctor or fashion desingner. And also being slender and better looking, having better skin and hair.

My 2 main dreams are about getting lost and about trying to speak but no words come out.

@sigarino I guess that’s why they make different meds! I hated Geodon, it made me comatose while I was trying to work full-time and made me gain weight. I love Zyprexa because it does the opposite. I think I am in the minority on Zyprexa though, I usually hear people say it makes them very tired and it makes them gain weight. I am probably only losing weight because I am trying so hard, sticking to 1200-1400 calories. It takes work but it’s worth it when I get on the scale.

The teeth falling out dream supposedly means that you’re feeling out of control about something. I also have the dream pretty frequently that I am leaving a place and can’t find where I parked my car. I guess that means I want to escape something but can’t?

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I’ve had a frequent dream in the past where I have telekinesis and I play with it by making stuff in my room fly into my hand. Sometimes I make things float in the air or shoot them at the wall.

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