In charge at work

So I’ve been librarian for a year and a half. Low hours, but I have gotten to know a lot of stuff. However, my hours tripled this month due to summer reading programming for local kids.

Well, I’ve been nervous over this, but my boss is leaving for vacation next week. Tomorrow is my first day in charge of everything alone. I will be running the activities for around 17-20 kids and two teen staff.

Argh! I am afraid I will not do a good job.

How every, my boss called my this evening and we discussed a raise. NY minimum wage is going up to $13.20 next year but she wants to boost me to $15. We will be ahead of the hike by a year or so. She says since every place around d us is hiring at $15 she wants me to make that in January instead of waiting.

I guess she thinks I am doing a good job. I do try. Am always to work early and I take over for her any time she needs me to.

But I am still nervous over running everything!


I think you’ll do a great job!

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wow, you are awesome !!

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I am really happy for you. I always wondered about the low hours part… in any event I’d like to be friendly with one another again… Fear you have me on silent!!! I’ll behave from here… I will moderate my usage that’s what I’ve been doing and it keeps me in line hahaha. : ).

But I am rooting for you…

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I’m sure you’ll do really well @ZombieMombie and it’s a nice compliment to you for being given the responsibility. It’s nice to be recognised for your work. Just a day at a time and everything will run smooth!

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I think you’ll do really well. Just try to calm your nerves with deep breathing, grounding, etc.

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New work responsibilities are a great chance to learn new things and have your time to shine. A little anxiety is normal, and I’d be worried if you weren’t anxious. Just do your best, have fun with it, and I’m sure everything will be fine. Good luck and happy reading!!

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Thanks guys. Hoping today goes well.

Ain’t nothing to it but to do it, I reckon!


Oh that is brilliant! Must be motivating to know you are really valued. Fine work!

It is. I feel like my boss has too much faith sometimes.

Then I remember that I come into work early every time. I take over when she has doctor appointments. I do everything she asks and fix my screw ups. So maybe I am alright.


You will be grand!

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Well, if the boss trusts you–then you can trust you! Years ago on my janitor crew the boss would leave me in charge when he went on vacation. I did fine. I rose to the occasion and I’m sure you will too. It’s normal to feel a little nervous but you know what to do.

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Thanks, @77nick77 .

I’ve just been nervous about my job since I started. It’s been over a year and I still feel new.

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I think your boss put the right person in charge. You know what you’re doing.


Thanks @ninjastar .

Go8ng to try my best.


Well, I did it. Went really well. I even got over 11,000 steps yesterday because I never sat down.

I feel far more confident now!


You’ll be fine.

The same thing happened to me when I was 17. I worked in a restaurant and my manager went on vacation for a week. It was up to me to order the food (inventory), deal with the deliveries and manage the kitchen for a week. I was a little nervous but I knew all the recipes, all the menu items, I was familiar with how much we sell every week and it went fine.

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