Impressive therapy

I want to share something. At the moment i am doing intensive trauma therapy. 4 days a week, 2 weeks.

  • 1 session of emdr each day.
  • 1 session of exposure therapy each day
  • 6 Hours of sports each day
  • information on PTSD

It’s really tough, but exactly what i needed. Especially the emdr is really helping. They wake up all my terror and re experience my trauma and then teach me to just feel the terror, go through it, know that i am safe and calm down.

I am without antipsychotics now and it is teaching me to truly deal with my worst experiences and fears and the causes of my psychosis.

I feel grateful, curious about what it will do for me and wanted to share… Because many people with psychosis have PTSD as well, sometimes as a cause of psychosis, sometimes as a result.


Yes way to go

How’d you find that?

I don’t think I’m offered that here

You’re also brave for doing it


I’ve done about 700 hours of emdr.

I was going to tag you for this, @Daze - seems just the sort of thing you’d find useful and maybe even enjoy.

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Yeah I guess I can Google it

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Idk about the triggers

Phil watching show today injecting a man with poisons

They were torturing him

I watched 10 minutes slum millionaire

Beth I have to go upstairs

I called Genesis, but their program isn’t like that, just 3 hours daily of intensive outpatient therapy, and that you have to come through inpatient to participate. She said Trinity used to have a PHP but she isn’t sure if they do now, or what it would entail.

She suggested Vera French, but I am not sure what progams they have.

Appreciate it

I was told by Vera french I’m Clinton County

And can’t come there

I could try again

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Yeah, she had another group in Clinton she mentioned - Bridge-something? But I can’t remember the name of it.