Important: Money to pay for your home energy costs

A federal program called LIHEAP (low income Home Energy Assistance Program) is for all 50 states. You fill out some simple forms and mail them in and if you’re approved, It will help pay for your electricity and gas bill and I think propane. I applied two weeks ago and today got a letter saying I was approved and they’re giving my energy/ utility company a credit for me of $350. For me, that will cover more than a half a year of energy costs. I think the income limits to be eligible for California for two people is about $2600 i.e. if everyone in your household makes less than $2600 a month, you’re eligible. The income limit may vary from state to state.

More about it:


I have applied and use this currently. Super helpful in these expensive summer months.

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I live in a low income complex and have been getting it in the mail for years. I’m pretty sure it’s 4 times a year and half the time they just give me a check. The check has saved me a couple times.

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