Imagination and reality

I read people suffer in their imagination more than in their reality

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The Eight subsections of imagination are:

  • Effectuative imagination.
  • Intellectual or constructive imagination.
  • Imaginative fantasy.
  • Empathy.
  • Strategic imagination.
  • Emotional imagination.
  • Dreams.
  • Memory

My imagination destroyed me.

i would have to agree… well at least in my life its what i imagine that limits, scares, depresses, etc… me not reality… in reality most often for me things have been better than i expected them to be. Almost to the point that it surprises me every time but my imagination builds things up in a neg sense so bad that its almost crippling.

But isn’t that how delusions work… and this whole schizophrenia thing to begin with… its not reality that we;re fighting… its the thoughts in our mind that are so real to us that they feel like reality when they;re not…

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