Did anyone else have imaginary friends as a child

I used to have a lot of imaginary friends as a child because I was bullied and excluded what about you.


I was in a home growing up where I was abused in all the ways that were very bad. So I started hearing voices and seeing things early on but of course no one believed me or cared to do anything for it so with not knowing what it was that I had going on I believed I saw and heard the ways people may or may not end up dieing. It was scary so it eventually became my friends not just one I had six imaginary friends that I grew to be to afraid to tell anyone about.

I had an imaginary experimental friend named Tom. It didn’t work out. I just felt loony. That was only last year.

No, I had real friends.

Yeah I did… I was a very quiet shy kid…

Every friend I went to high school with were imaginary friends.

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i had an imaginary dog. i was scared of dogs as a child but wanted to like them so i used to pretend i was walking a dog when i would go to the shops with my mum.

i also used to walk around with my mum looking at the sky talking to myself about stories that i wanted to write in my notebook. lol. it used to drive my mum mad.

I was bullied too and left school and was neglected at home. spent a lot of time alone at home left to my own mind with nothing but time. I would talk to myself a lot, outloud, whenever I was alone, I talked to myself. sometimes I pretended someone was listening, as if it were a conversation I was having.

I did up into my thirties. It’s kind of scary I had them that long

No, I was friends with my cat. I talked to her a lot. I think it was better than having an imaginary friend.

My stuffed animals were my friends. I think that counts as imaginary. Later the cat and dog were my friends as well.

My current cats are my friends, but they’re not as imaginary as the relationships I had with my pets growing up. I try my best to see and understand them as they are without anthropomorphizing them too much.

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Maybe when i was 5 years old

Strictly speaking I never had imaginary friends and considered the idea weird. As a child I kept wishing for a special female friend, as if I missed a specific real person. I often dreamt of a princess visiting my town and demanding favours and gifts from me.

Decades later when I forgot all about it, bam, schizophrenia. Now I have an imaginary girl haunting me for more than six years now.

Nope. Not that I remember

My mother had an imaginary friend until puberty, like 15ish years old. She grew up in a mildly abusive household, with an alcoholic father. Surprisingly he was more liked by her than her mother or little brother.

She is schizophrenic now, maybe a slight hint saner than myself. She has Turrete like symptoms, coughing blood, on top of the usual hallucinations and delusions.

I was obsessed with pokemon and had an imaginary pikachu

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