I'm worried what if

I killed my mother in law with my thoughts, she died in January after all my negative energy towards her killed her and I didn’t mean to but all the same I’m glad she’s gone.

My fear is what if I accidentally kill my husband with my thoughts too? Or Alien gets to it first? I don’t want him to die but I’m scared I’d kill him with my thoughts or if alien puts it in my head like he’s tried to. At least I take meds now

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It’s not possible to kill someone with your thoughts @Hadeda .

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I agree with @Bowens

I have a scientific mindset on many things. I like the scientific method as a means to figure out the truth about stuff. I do experiments to try and understand things. So do a simple experiment. Test out this power to kill things with your thoughts on something insignificant, like an ant. You’ll see it’s not possible to kill anything with your thoughts, maybe that will make you feel better.


I can’t kill someone or something deliberately it just happens by accident

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People hate other people, the world is full of it. If negative thoughts and energy directed at other people could kill them people around the world would be dropping like flies. Just because your negative thoughts were focused on you mother in law doesn’t mean you killed her with your mind. It’s not possible.

Why are you glad shes gone? And your worried you killed her so your showing remorse for this imaginary act. You seem conflicted

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