My latest thoughts developing

Last night I started thinking strange but it makes some sort of sense to me.

When my mother in law was alive, I believed she was trying to poison me and could read my mind, and this was for eight years. I’ve always disliked her.

Now that she passed away I’ve gotten scared because I have felt relief she is not around anymore, and felt guilty because I am glad she’s not in my life anymore.

Now I started thinking that she’s cursing me from the grave and God will punish me, and that I killed her with my thoughts.

Crazy I know, but it’s getting more real now thinking about it, it makes more sense. And it scared me that God could be angry with me


That sounds awful to go through. I can relate, I thought I killed my grandfather by taking his energy. It is a strong and real feeling of guilt and responsibility.

In my experience, the only way to deal with this was to 1) Take my medication that stopped or lowered the irrational thoughts, then 2) Forgive myself.

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