New unusual thoughts popping up

I’m doing a bit better this past day since I took a bit more amisulpride. My mind was being hijacked by Alien the evil spirit but this past day I felt more in control. It’s now 02:19 and just finished my book and coffee and after I go on here take my quetiapine and go to bed.

Dunno why but I’ve been having unusual thoughts popping up. Like that one I’ve had for the past two months or so that I killed my mother in law accidentally with my thoughts and now I must pay blood money to my husband’s family…

And now another thing - hearing a slight whistling noise outside at night for a few nights (and I don’t think it’s a hallucination) and thinking nervously that it could be bombs dropping from sky… And maybe since we have been created from a single soul, maybe there’s this soul of a girl from world war two inhabiting my body and that’s why I think there’s bombs dropping…

It just occurred to me now, that girl part… Does this mean I’m ill or what?


It means you have an unusual idea of cause and effect, for one thing.

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I hate it when I overthink.

I try to come 2 conclusions when I overthink so I can rest easy.

If I’m having racing thoughts, I normally drink a cup of coffee to offer myself some clarity, peace of mind and relax.

Hope this helps.

! :crazy_face:

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I have heard this same thing! The boms dropping, like when my head said rape or something I head a big thing fall down starts and then all of a sudden there were cops at my neighbor’s house. Then I went outside and asked they said they got into a fight. Then why did they arrive when my head said that and why did I head the bom fall???

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I am glad that you are feeling better and more in control @EarthChild . You did not sound good yesterday.

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