I'm working now

Part time custodian in a big call center.

I work on my own at my own pace and there’s absolutely no b.s. anxiety or stress.

About 20 hours a week @11 dollars an hour.

Easy drive. I’ve been here about a month and seems like I’ll be here quite awhile. The center is expanding.

So glad I’ve got a job right now. We do extra sanitizing. But I don’t cut corners anyway.
Feels good to see a nice clean room when I’m done.

Life is really improving for me.



That is really awesome! You are doing an important job!


I am glad you found purpose in your life.

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Yeah, good for you @Daze. I been doing it for 6 years, it ain’t bad work or physically demanding. I hope it continues to work out for you.


Good for you. :bear::bear::bear:

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Thats amazing @Daze. gives me hope

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That’s so great to hear @Daze! Keep up the good work

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Congrats :grinning:

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Sounds good. Stress is always the thing to keep low so doing things at your own pace is very good. Hope you continue to go well with it all.

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Congratulations @Daze!

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Well done Daze hope things go well.

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