My job is easy

I get paid $16.00 an hour to do practically nothing, by myself all day, in an almost empty building, at my own pace and occasionally get to check out some eye candy women soldiers.

And on a good day, they put out candy or doughnuts.

I don’t know what I did to deserve this. I guess Zeus is smiling down upon me.


Good for you 77nick77. It’s rare that you find someone who enjoys their job.


I love my job and it’s also easy (to me at least)


If it aint broke don’t fix it my friend! An old saying over here!


An old saying over here too! And apt!

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good to hear you enjoy your job =)

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usually people aren’t too inconsiderate about waste,

and I mean, all kinds of waste.

I’m looking for a new cleaning job too, Nick.
do you have to drive very far to location?

I’ll have to commute over 20 miles.

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It’s not that far, about 25 minutes away,


That’s a pretty good deal. My problem with jobs where you do nothing is that time can sometimes seem to pass so slowly, I get bored. But I don’t like tons of work either, like a fast paced busy restauarant, too stressful. Somewhere in the middle where I have something to do so time passes but its not stressful or overwhelming. Like my current job.

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I just got a job as a valet at a big hotel ! I’m stoked I’ve never been a valet! I love tip jobs they’re fun!!


Oh, time passes by quickly. Quicker than any of my other 25-30 jobs I’ve had in my lifetime. I work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the weeks go by quickly too. Honestly.

Sounds cool you have a job you can cope with.

Plus the money is not minimum from the sounds of it

Go you :slight_smile:

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