I'm usually quite good when it comes to finances

It’s my best daily living skill, but sometimes impulsivity rears its head. This has been one of those weeks.


Just forgive yourself and don’t overspend this coming week


What did you splurge on fire monkey? Hope it was something good

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I heard of a new genealogy dna site and just had to sign up. I was fascinated by the fact it tells you your ancient ancestry via the raw data you have. I uploaded my results from 5 companies and my father’s from one. It cost me £50.


I combined the results from the 5 uploads of my data. Giving 20 for 1st place and 19 for 2nd place etc.

My top 20

Celtic Briton (0 AD) - Hinxton 4 97
Bronze Age Celt England (1000 BC) - I5383 95
Celtic/Viking Iceland (1000 AD) - VDP-A6 87
Nordic Lombard (670 AD) - CL92 85
Late Medieval Gotlander (1600 AD) - Unknown 68
Anglo Saxon (700 AD) - Hinxton HS3 64
Nordic Lombard (590 AD) - SZ4 61
Pict (670 AD) - CL83 60
Nordic Lombard (590 AD) - SZ15 57
Alemannic Bavaria (500 AD) - ALH_10 56
Ireland Copper Age (1880 BC) - Rathlin2 53
Briton Gladiator York (250 AD) - 6DRIF-23 45
Alemannic Bavaria (500 AD) - AED_249 38
Germano-Celtic Gladiator York (250 AD) - 6DRIF-3 37
Viking Sweden (1100 AD) - Sigtuna stg021 I3875 23
Bell Beaker Southern France I3875 22
Alemannic Bavaria (465 AD) (8.307) - NW_255 18
Czech Velke Prilepy (0 AD) - Rise577 17
Germano-Celtic Gladiator York (250 AD) - 3DRIF-16 16
Bronze Age Jutland Denmark (1400 BC) - Rise47 15
Nordic-Celtic Gladiator York (250 AD) (8.027) - 6DRIF-18 15

My groups are Celts,Longobards, and Saxons with one upload also giving me Franks.


I’m usually pretty good at finances too.

I’m usually good at managing my money, but sometimes I get in a spending sprees. I have to save money to last the month, so it’s hard to spend too much money on my hobbies. Luckily I live with my brother and he has been helping me out with money.

I can control my money around all my bills and needs except for one seemingly uncontrollable urge, and that is dining out at restaurants. I really have a hard time with my food and cooking. I’ve gone broke sooner every month due to my impulsive urge to buy ready made food. I’m working on it. I think loneliness may be a contributing factor.

I rarely dine out at a restaurant but eat out at a cafe every now and then. My big thing at my last address was having 3-4 takeaways a week. I’ve cut it down to about one a fortnight here. I cook, but its very basic ie put something in the oven and microwave pasta in sauce with sometimes some veg added to the pasta. I also have ready meals.
With more complex meals my care act assessment(with my stepdaughter’s input) says I’m able to do specific tasks like cutting veg but need support with sequencing meal preparation and cooking to produce a meal.


Yes thank you. I could do better if I learned to sequence my meal preparation in an orderly fashion. I just get overwhelmed when I think of all the steps involved in cooking what I can just go out and buy. But I need to learn sometime.

I have the same issue. I have difficulty with multi step tasks, which I think can be attributed to executive functioning deficits.

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I think the best approach is to break down a complex sequence into easy steps - perhaps with the help of a carer - and write those steps on a paper sheet. Later you can refer to said paper when attempting to redo the complex task.

I don’t understand this chart

I’m pretty good with finances.
But if I become manic over an extended period of time, I may start to buy things on impulse.

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The list I posted? It’s just me probably boring people with what may be pointers to my ancient ancestry.

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I have about $300 on my credit card but I’ll pay that off this month. After that I won’t owe anybody a dime and I’ll have extra money in the bank.
I’ll be finally able to afford that diamond studded toilet paper holder I have always wanted.


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