Im upset with my partner

I spent a good chunk of change on my mother in law for her birthday. I have 19 dollars left. That’s enough for substrate and worms. My partner said well you said you wanted to take the girls out for ice cream. I told her jasper needs eco earth he hasn’t had a dirt change in a month. She said well you care more about your frog then you do the girls. I feel bad. I know she was upset about work at that time but still.

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The girls are not reliant on you for their basic needs. Your frog is. Your frog comes first.


That is to say, don’t feel bad. If it’s that big of a deal she can take them out.

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I gave her five for soda so she can get one for work. She doesn’t get paid until next week. She said she will buy eco earth next week but I can buy worms. I told her he can get bacteria infections.


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