I'm tired of over-analyzing coincidences

Every time I experience a coincidence, the schizophrenia in me automatically gets fixated on it and I can’t seem to just shake it off. This is miles away from where I was in pyschosis, where literally everything had a hidden special message for me but it still is a problem and it still drives me nuts.

Whether it be something on TV that reflects what I was thinking about, or I hear someone say my name to someone who also has my name, or I see numbers like “666” or “777” it causes me distress. I wish it would just go away for good.


Sounds so familiar. I still see it when it happens. I think some where along the way I just decided it’s the sz or before that I decided ,what can I do about it, so what if it is, I’m not going to stress about it. I know exactly how you feel , I’m thankful mine is totally gone i still sometimes see the coincidence but some how it just doesn’t suck me in. Maybe it was just the meds kicking in. But there is hope.


Thank you. I’m glad you were able to get over it with time and meds. I’m hoping the same.

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I had this too… I remember freaking out at coincidences before my psychosis hit. ironically I was freaking out about going crazy.

Probably would be helpful to treat it as OCD anxiety. I had a terrible phobia which I decided to do 3 exposures a day a bit over a year ago (exposures meaning triggering the phobia and then not doing anything to fix the anxiety, just feel it or ignore it until it goes away). Now, I rarely think about my phobia or get triggered anymore. There definitely is hope. But what’s got to be done is not give in to the urge to rationalize/analyze after anxiety hits when the coincidence happens and just allow the anxiety to go away on its own, dealing with the ambiguity of not knowing. Several months of this and you’ll feel it won’t have as strong of a hold over you and will be much less on your mind with time…