Im the luckiest schitzo ever

I was in the special forces and did a couple tours in Afghanistan and then came down with schitzophrenia. It was a pretty rough ride but I was certain that it was all happening for a reason.

Flash forward a few months, my platoon was in Iraq and they got shot up and a couple of my friends were hit and one died… I may have been there had i not went nuts.

Flash forward again I put in a disability claim with the army and depending on the percentage of disability I’m determined to be I get up to 250 grand.

And if I continue to have problems I get a 40 grand a year pension until the age of 65.

At first I thought my life was ruined but I couldn’t have asked for a better turn out.


good on you
good attitude :trophy:
so sorry about your friends though :heart:
take care :alien:

It’s a shame about your friends bud, true heroes :slight_smile: if I could offer one bit off advice, just watch the meds, they have some knarley side effects for some people. I know a few vets who have comeback with ptsd, real quality blokes

I’m sorry you lost a friend.
Good going on the disability.
You deserve good things.

you are pretty lucky in that way and thanks for serving while you did, i really appreciate people who serve there country in the armed forces, i actually collected money for the poppy fund as well, so thanks and stay with it, take care

Awesome, we all deserve a pension. Maybe you deserve it a little more for serving your country.