I'm super curios about my weigh-in today

Last Tuesday when they weighed me I was down by just about 16 pounds. Not only is that all the weight that I gained from the few months that I was in Risperidone, but a few extra. Yay!

So, this past week I’m curious if I lost. In my mind I’m getting excited because I ate so little because of illness. But the reason I was losing is because I actually started eating more. I know there’s a possibility that I might have gone into starvation mode and just stayed where is was, and there’s even a chance I gained.

But I’m hoping I lost another 3 ponds


I hope your weigh in goes well.

I actually had to go in to my pdoc’s office and get weighed yesterday.

It was humiliating.

I haven’t seen any of them since before COVID and I’ve gained so much since then.

And to add insult to injury, the insurance denied the medication I was trying to get being weighed in the first place!



Good luck!


Good luck with your weigh in! I hope it goes well

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Oh Charles, what are we to do? It’s a damn near impossibility to fight this weight on these meds. My doc just says you can be fat or you can be crazy. I just don’t know anymore who I’m taking the meds for.

Obviously when I was raising my children and taking care of my mom and working I needed to not be crazy. I need to be based in reality enough to pay the rent check and push the button on the computer a couple times to pay electricity and a few other bills. Other than that I don’t think I need to be hyper-based in reality.

I will say, in all honesty, I am the sanist person I know. The rest of these people around here are not even close to any reality that the rest of the world agrees on. This place is like the twilight zone. I swear to you it’s like stepping back into the 50’s in some ways with shards of the 70’s. If I decided to stop taking meds I would fit in better and probably get the key to the city from one of our mayors,

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They’re right over there, behind the tree, by the lake.