I'm still having obsessive thoughts about microchips? Am I ill?

They are not has prominent as before but I still find myself thinking and over-analyzing things about being implanted with a microchip. Its not as strong but still think ‘‘what if they have?’’ I’m not thinking about cutting it out again. I’m scared off telling my support team because they get worried. If you are medicated and having no other SZ/SZA symptoms is it normal to become over-focused with thoughts that previously were bad but you are functioning fine otherwise?

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May be have yourself checked up to prove you don’t have a micro chip.

I’d be for telling your support team what you just told us. Rest assured you definetely don’t have any microchips in you.


I’ve been to the GP countless times about it. I even went to the court to go through the mental detecter and nothing was sensed.


Go to a Walmart, and get yourself price-scanned to see how much you are worth! :wink:

Seriously though, there is no microchip in your body. It’s a fairly common delusion for schizophrenics.

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I don’t want them to increase my Invega. I’m worried about the wording. Do you think my pdoc will pick up on it telling him " I’m have obsessive thoughts about the microchip and I’m not going to cut it out this time’’ or should I word it ‘‘I’m not thinking about harming myself’’?

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I think the important thing here is that you have insight this time. It’s an obsessive thought but you know it’s not real and that it’s just a delusion that’s getting the better of you at the moment. I have that problem sometimes, too. I don’t think it’s unusual. Delusions are sticky. They’re hard to get rid of. Just keep hold of that insight.


Hey @bobbilly I really get where you are coming from. I think persistent thoughts like that are the hardest thing to shift in sz/sza. The meds can be miraculous for some things but thoughts like that are hard to shift. The hardest of all.

I would say to your team you just want a little support and explain your lingering thoughts. I am sure they will be understanding.

They should in all eventuality ask you if you have any thoughts of cutting the microchips out to which you can sincerely say no. Personally I don’t think they will up your invega.

I feel for you man. I have thoughts like that concerning worries the benefits people are bugging my house. No amount of meds or clinical psychology has fully gotten rid of that thought.


microchip implants are a pretty common idea through schizophrenia episodes, either that or youre reading into revelation 13 and wondering about “the mark” they talk about. I have the same problem, especially with the advent of nanotech and some strange tinkering the scientists and technology folks are up to these days.

Some people believe in human augmentation to improve their faculties, like the transhumanists. Also there are legitamately some products that can spy on you, like certain televisions and our cell phones, some places have cameras everywhere, and the field of biometrics is increasing.

I had surveilance delusions up to the point i decided to believe all my symptoms were defined as supernatural beings then just realized i have no idea, its just some unexplainable experience. But yeah, cameras, microphones, microchips, those are all common, being surveilled, then just plain out hallucinating bizarre things, hearing nonvisual beings discursing about you or being nasty and nice.

Hope you are doing ok, dont worry alot of people are going through similar things, 1% of billions is alot. Theres even rfid chipping going on. Hope I didn’t make you feel worse, these are just things I consider from time to time.

Also there is a treatment for depression where they implant a device in your head to stimulate some area of the brain. Persingers “god helmet” is an interesting invention too.

What helped me most overcome my delusion was learning about it.


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