I'm so not getting what I want from other people;

I’m so not getting what I want from other people; perhaps other people are also not getting what they want from me!


What do u want exactly?

When you are with people I have found that a general give or take attitude is best although it is true that a lot of people do tend to all about themselves a lot I still try to listen and then try to impart my wisdom/ knowledge as best as I can. Like it’s a two way conversation and when you get better at it you learn when to come in and when to stay silent (and when best to tell a joke) or not, my med makes it easier to do these things now but I remember when I thought it would be impossible to talk to someone normally.


I still struggle with conversation that is why I prefer to have mutual relationships, this way if there’s no give and take, you have every right to stand up and not take things lying down. I am aware that some people have tendencies to monopolise conversation, or act out of need self obsessed or even self sabotage? I don’t judge cause I need the experiences of giving time to people to make my journey.