Loners are used to getting their own way

And it makes it very difficult to disagree with them.
There was a time when having your own place seemed to be the goal for we disabled. I would disagree as it required me a long time to learn to live with the give and take of others.


I dont understand, what you trying say again sorry.

You gave me a like. What is it you don’t understand?

It’s true - I’m a loner and I’m also selfish kind of person. Being married is nice but also challenging because I have to compromise with my wants and my time. At least I don’t have kids - it would be too much for me and with my sza as well!


I’m glad I’m married. It has taught me so much about how to be happy with other people around, and how to take care of others. I’m trying all the time to be less selfish. I was a loner for a long time. It just wasn’t as fulfilling as having someone else to take care of.


It was pretty perfect with my x in Sa and his perfect dogs and perfect home but I don’t want to be a obedient meat eater.

Not even for the person I love most.

Is that called getting your own way…

I don’t want to be a part of superior rank stuff because I don’t believe in it for me.
For others yes they love it or believe in it but I don’t.
No one should tell me what to do unless I let them and agree with them.


What I meant was that when you live alone for a length of time, you lose your ability to give and take, to co-operate and to realize that misunderstandings happen as every mind works a little differently.


I’ve been an isolated loner my whole life practically since I was born and I have very seldom gotten my way in anything.

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