I'm so lazy in the morning sometimes

i’m so lazy in the mornings lately and now i thought i’d like to get a remote control that does the curtains and the lights as well lol, imagine not having to open the curtains yourself in the mornings lol

I’m like that a lot. My room gets pretty messy.

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my room gets messy, i rarely make my bed, the table in the living room is so messy and i never hoover when i should but its my kitchen that needs most of the work, dishes, meals, drinks, everything including rubbish, luckily the bathroom isnt too challenging i guess.

the wonders of living yourself (my friend helps out a lot though esp if i have guests coming over)

I’m exactly the same way. We just had an inspection where I live, and my room is clean now, but it is quickly going downhill.

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whats an inspection? we dont get those here.

I live in an assisted living center for the mentally ill. We don’t get inspections often, but they like to see us bend our backs and scrub every once in a while. It’s probably for the best.