Kinda enjoy cleaning

I find it very therapeutic. I just hate the tedious stuff like vacuuming and wiping things down.


That is awesome. I wish I loved cleaning. I’m trying to get myself in the habit of cleaning up after myself better. I’ve heard that is what it comes down to, learning to keep the habit sort of automatic. So you put up dishes or whatever without even thinking about it.

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LOL no I’m like you and I put it off for two weeks and then do everything all at once like this morning which is inspired me to make this thread


The kids room is overwhelming me at times. I really need to nip it in the butt.

I hate cleaning if it is not something important.

I enjoy cleaning as well. Every Sunday is my cleaning day, it helps to keep a schedule like that.

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I also feel the same. Whenever I am freaking stress, I do clean the house starting of by organizing my closet and doing the laundry.

I used to be like that in my period pre-psychosis. I was having a bad time and cleaning helped me organising my head. I was having stupid thoughts that weren’t mine, but I couldn’t distinguish.
Nowadays with college cleaning is a burden :sweat_smile: I only do it on vacation, my dad helps though

My confession is my cleaning lady comes every other week. I clean so she can clean. She gets mad if it’s messy at all so I clean every other Tuesday morning for 2 hours before she comes.

I enjoy that

If it weren’t for my cleaning lady my apartment be a MESS

I love cleaning too. Its a very stressfree work. And i am a janitor.


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