Im so damn cold!

It’s in the low 30’s here (in WA) and I am cold even at school. I have hypothyroid, which makes me really cold and that combined with the sensitivity caused by my Risperidone and the fact that it actually IS freezing leaves me cold most of the time. I wear long johns and my coat and I am still cold often. I was in the Math Resource center at school doing homework and had to leave cuz I was so f*king cold even with my coat on. SUCKS!!!

Yeah I hate the cold too. Have body temperature problems as well. It was weird recently because our heater malfunctioned and it felt like I was at the beach. It was way too hot. I got heat madness hehe. Had to sleep shirtless and didn’t know if I’d fall asleep.

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Here is eastern Oklahoma we had temperatures of 4 degrees farenheit a few days ago, but today we had temperatures of 74 F. I’m burning up in my room.


Because of the Risperidone, I am heat sensitive in the summer. What I wouldn’t give for it to always be 72…

I hear San Diego stays in the seventies year round. plus it’s a killer town to be in I hear. I’ve always wanted to go there…if I had money I would go to mexico for the winter…or maybe a rental property in Florida but I hate Florida…lots of bad stuff happened to me there.

To me, the worst part of the cold is cleaning off the car. I don’t have a garage for it.

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I don’t have a garage either. I don’t live in a great neighborhood but, when it is really cold, I still warm up the car for a few minutes. I am home now and comfy, cozy

Been really cold here the last week, -30c with the wind, I dress in 4 layers, but one day for some reason I shook like I never shook before, was shivering so bad, was awful.

when I get cold like that, I am so distracted. It is hard to focus at school. I am looking forward to spring. Gotta wait a few months

All the antipsychotics make you more susceptible to heat stroke in summer and hypothermia in winter. They disrupt your body’s temperature regulation mechanisms.

i never knew resperidone caused you to sensitive to the cold. i thought i had poor circulation. thanks for the info

ya, and I am fortunate enough to have the combo of hypothyroid and the AP side effect of not being able to regulate your body temperature. Bummer