Im so bored

Anyone know some fun things to do when bored??

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Look up your favourite star online for instance I look up leonardo dicaprio
Try to do household chores
Brush your teeth
Boredom is not pleasant


YouTube is my go-to website when I’m bored. Seemingly everything is on YouTube.

I like funny cat videos :smiley_cat:


Read jokes or watch funny videos / memes. Humor rarely lets me down.


Know what you mean today. Been bored shitless all day and cant even go for a coffee cos not paid till next week and havent got a pot to piss in.

I just trawl Youtube for documentarys and end up in bed early. Maybe play a computer game or two? Dunno mate - ive been clock watching wishing it is night time just so i can go to bed.

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Same here feel really bored.

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Have a hot lavender bath

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Look up stuff online, read books, watch movies, listen to music, talk to somebody on the phone, play video games, do puzzles, bubble bath,exercise, journaling. Any hobbies you like? drawing, painting, putting together models, writing or such?

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Usually I go to YouTube when I’m bored. There is an abundance of things to keep your mind busy. I usually watch funny vine compilations or something that’s really thought inducing like a science documentary. Otherwise when I’m bored I eat. I don’t recommend that. That’s how I got fat. Don’t eat when bored.

I had the same feeling earlier with nothing on the tv worth watching, so I meditated for 30 minutes instead. Feel refreshed now because of it.

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I agree about Youtube–it has everything! What is interesting to you? I like to look up funny animal videos sometimes. It depends on my mood what I watch on Youtube.

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There’s lots of feel good music today and from the past sometimes it can put you in a better mood

this website, videogames, youtube, browsing, walking, reading comics/mangas, music, clubhouse/day treatment…

I play videogames when I’m bored but if I’m too apathetic I normally take a nap.

i need to work that is worst

If it is not freezing cold where your at, and if your in a city, simply start walking in any direction. You’d be surprized at what you find.

I visited a taco shop/stand today that i have been driving/riding right past for 2 years.

The food was great. will go back. I have found antique shops, clothing stores, and oh yes doughnut shops in the mornings.

When do got some cash you will know what fun stuff to with it already.


I like to read books, play my French Horn, or play on the computer.

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I’m never bored and I’m never lonely. I have too many interests and hobbies to be bored or lonely.

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