I'm so bored! Talk to me!


I swore to myself I’d spend most of the weekend alone so I could recover mentally, but I’m super bored and I don’t feel like doing anything.
I miss interaction, but it feels like most of my friends are offline and the forums I frequent are having a slow phase.

Does anyone want to talk? I’ll have a conversation about almost anything.

Pretty please? :star_struck:


Well hello, I’m enjoying a vegan green tea latte :smiley:
I’m also bored :neutral_face:


I am here to talk to you I am bored too

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Was up berru…hows ur school going…

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I wanted to create thread about believing you can create your life with your thoughts. What do you think it’s possible ,?

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Yes go ahead…:joy::rofl:

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I am serious dude I will try I am reading a book how to do that

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@wayward Let’s be bored together!
@far_cry0 School is going alright, but I’m worried about the applications I had to send in. If I don’t get a student spot, I’ll have to finish this course, and then start a new one.

@crazy_dancer_arcade_pro I don’t know what I think is possible, to be honest. I’ve heard a lot about people thinking you can directly influence life with your thoughts. While I do think it’s possible to influence oneself to see and handle life in a more confident and positive manner, I don’t think thoughts can affect world events or make jobs appear.
Don’t know if that was the kind of tihng you meant, though.

What are you guyses plans for the weekend?

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I have to work tommorow. But sunday i am free. I love being free. And i love you Berru!!!

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Aww, haha, I love you too @stefan24 :smile:


I will work at weekend … but if you meditate put seeds what you want in your life and feed them with your imagination and thoughts and words maybe wish can come true, but I have lack of motivation to do this

After work I will play one game of starcraft read a book littlebit be in this forum what will you do ?

I wanted to play Minecraft, but I play on multiplayer servers because I like having a community, so when nobody is online or in the mood for talking, I just bounce around for half an hour and log off.
I think I’ll stay up late, sleep for many hours, read a book, and attempt minecraft several times a day :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah I attempt to play Starcraft to but I need to prepare mentally be ready to play , couse when you play it takes a lot of energy and need to think very fast and play very fast other times you loose

What book you are reading ?

I’m reading ‘The Shelters of Stone’ by Jean M. Auel.

It’s the 5th book in a series where the first one is called ‘Clan of the Cavebear’.
It’s about cavepeople, and a specicif cave-woman’s journeys and experiences. It’s written by an author who spent years doing research and gathering information to get her facts straight, and then put those facts to use by imagining how people would have lived back then, based on the information she had.
It’s very interesting books :smile:
I’ve read the whole series before, but I discover something new each time.

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Is it fiction ? I don’t read fiction books I like books that say how to improve life… my favourite was how to thrive in changing times by Sandra ingerman

This is her post https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/914986

I will check your book … do you read it in English ?

It’s fiction, but fact-based fiction if that makes sense.

I’ve read the books in Danish, Norwegian and English. My favourite language to read it in is English since that’s the original language, but I could only get the series in Danish.

What languages do you like to read in?

I read in English and Lithuanian … but I like English books more but they are more difficult to read I like them both…