I'm scared of the world today :(

Scared of what trumps going to do and Russia and isis

These things to me are loose cannons and they don’t really care about much, it’s like a dictatorship

and all we have is women in charge over here, if something really bad happened I would prefer a strong man in charge like Winston Churchill or something :smirk:


My life has enough troubles. I don’t need to take on the country’s as well. That is my opinion.

Just to be weird, I told someone a year back that I wanted to get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames. Her response was, “It already has.”

Nothing going to happen to this world…!!!
Sz is already a world war 3 for me…haha …lol…!!!

sz certainly is a force to be reckoned with,

sorry this thread is so negative, i just wish things weren’t so fkd up

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NOT at all …take care…!!!

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I’m freaking out about access to mental health care! I can see a world where insurance companies eat us sz alive without government regulation. They will become cutthroat and privatized. We all have pre-existing health conditions and our premiums will be sky high and nobody will be able to afford it and we’ll all lose our insurance and have no meds.

Okay, sorry about getting political, but I feel that it is relevant to our plight as sz’s. We freaking need meds! What’s going to replace Obamacare? Half of us are on SSI or disability, what happens if those funds get tampered with?

I don’t want to go back to having to use the emergency room as a way to get antipsychotics. Those were my hells days. A revolving door of in-patient treatment and crappy experiences being sent away for lack of beds.

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i dont even live in the usa and i’m getting scared,


It sure is an uncertain world we live in.

I have to take care of my little world before I start to worry about things globally.

The problem is that this world is filled with callous uncaring self centered leaders.

Too much for me to handle.

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When it came to who you could vote for in the US Trump was the best choice. The US are in massive amounts of debt and it needs to be delt with. A change was needed and hopefully Trump can be that change. Hillary would of been more of the same which has not been working.

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I didn’t really trust anything that came out of his mouth good or bad. So I have no idea how a trump whitehouse could be. However you should at least wait for him to get in office to condemn him. Right now everybody’s opinion is shaped by a media that tried to destroy him. So he could actually be a good president. Who knows. I pretty sure no one not even Trump knows how he will handle the whitehouse.

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I’d chill out Trump has lots of common sense a big heart and wants to do the right thing.

me three!! i feel like my world’s expanding and i don’t want to engage with any of it . . . oh, you meant scared for the world.