If You Want Something to be Paranoid About

I’m willing to believe Putin is a Psychopath. I’m willing to believe he doesn’t give a fiddle about human suffering. It is sad, indeed.

The USA may go bankrupt over military spending. In such a scenario, I would not get my check or medicine or doctor visits or housing. That might make things very rough for me.

I’m stocking up on essentials right now.

I’m very happy I’m free of the addictions of which I am free, In the last 30 hours, I got free of my addiction to prescription pain pills. Incidentally, I called my doctor’s assistant at 9:40 AM and explained my predicament, and she said she would talk to the doctor and get back to me. So I stayed home all day and waited for the call. Do you think I should be surprised that the call never came?


hey dude,

It’s important to think about the small things…they’ve written numerous books about it but as I often say to my friends…I’m not normal and I don’t think the way you think! …They are often apologetic to things I say and they are slowly learning!

Seriously. You can only deal with your little world and that is important. Jayster. From years of your posts you look after yourself pretty well and that is a grand thing in our worlds! Over here in Australia the bastards are questioning pensions ( on which I’m on ) and other government payments and talking all manner of rubbish over what is going to happen…

I can’t control that! That is what is important!

Schizophrenics often have inflated ideas and that is the process…I tend to think Obama has some inflated ideas about himself as well…Americans can be very opinionated…and yes I’ve lived there and know some things!!!

Dude…deal with tomorrow and look after yourself as you usually do! Things out of your control aren’t worthy of your attention…although it’s always good to have an opinion…for schizophrenics that is often a luxury for our mindset…

A friend,


Hello, Paul! That’s kewl you responded to my post!

I had a bit of an end of the world scenario in 2014, which is to say, I discovered on January 18 that I had broken my back two days earlier.

I don’t drink, and I don’t intend to drink if the financial world collapses. I had put away two bottles of Vodka for the end of times, however. It turns out, my neighbors did some needed favors for me concerning snow shoveling and wouldn’t accept cash, but would accept vodka! I would have been better off if I had put away twice as much vodka and a bottle of scotch as well, that is.


actualy guys, think about it. As crazy as he is, if he wanted to have ukrain as a country, he wouldve attacked it 3 times by now. What happend on the market, is that crude oil and gas prices went flying, as russia is the main distibutor of both. He did it for the money, and probobly only for it.
think about it.