I'm saddened

Recently took in a Chihuahua. I even go approved to have her as an emotional support dog. She bit my toddler in the face last night because my toddler gave her a kiss(which my toddler has done many times). My husband says that my new pet needs to go. I agree because this morning she bit my daughter again. I’m super sad to see my pet go. Hope I can find her a good home.

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So sorry to hear this. Dogs are irreplaceable it would be easy for me to say find another dog but you likely had your heart set on this one.

I hope you find it a lovely home that way you will at least have some comfort in that and I am sure it will get a lovely home to go to.

hope it’s for the better…

Thank you. I think it will be.

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I really hope so. My husband said this is my last attempt at a pet since before my daughter was just to young and would hit the pets. I felt bad for them so found them new homes. Now this was suppose to be the time but turns out my daughter is still to young and has graduated from hitting to hugs and kisses :confused:


I recently got two cats. The female cat I got is one of the most ragged, dirty cats I’ve ever seen. She’s got cat poop all over her tail. Her fur is dirty. She’s also one of the most demanding, scratch me, scratch me, scratch me cats I’ve ever had as a pet. I don’t think she is in good enough health to go into heat. I’m having a hard time getting her to tolerate my tomcat. He has no use for female cats who aren’t in heat. He likes to be scratched too. I let him drink milk out of my cup when I eat a meal. I’ve got two incredibly spoiled cats I have to take care of.

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That sounds like a lot of work! I am sorry and I hope that your cat gets in better health.

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chihuahua and other small dogs are a bad match up for most kids under 12 yrs.

The younger kids are just not aware/observant enough to read when a dog has had it personal space invaded. (and many small dog breeds have tendency to need personal space).

Try a big rough and tumble Labador Retriever when she is 5 to 7 yrs old. These dogs are very loving and patient. They do not feel threatened or react much to kids quick movements, sudden hugs and petting, kids accidents from clumsiness, and 99% of the time even a toddlers hitting.

The dog might, when first gotten, may shove the kids around trying to jump up. A scolding every time will stop that after a month.

Avoiding dogs less than 40 pounds will keep both the kiddo and dog safe in general. After that learn if the breed has a propensity to be friendly and calm.

Small list of dogs I would avoid with small kids:

akita, chow, sheba, chihuahua, shi tzu, rotwieler, dalmation, greyhound, pit/staffordshire terrier, sharpia, cockerspaniel.

This list is not all inclusive. And we must also know there are individual dogs of the above list who will break the mold and be total angles with kids.

I am just saying an individual dog from the above breeds will have a higher chance of not being kid friendly.

Also, learning laymans temperment testing may help reveal dogs who will seem fine at the shelter, but a nightmare in your home.

Dont give up. You find your perfect 4legged friend for your family soon.


Thank you so much for your post! I will definitely be taking your advice in the future!!! That seriously makes me feel better.

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