I'm really stressed at the moment

There was a point where I wasn’t updating the benefit teams of my savings.

One day they called me and asked about if I had savings and I told them.

Then they asked for a time line of my savings

And that’s where I made mistakes with writing down how much savings i had in the past two years from 2017 to 2019. And even after they warned me, I still wasn’t taking the rules very strictly, just sort of updating them when I felt my savings probably went up significantly. 2019, and then recently again, they sent me a letter which questioned my savings record, I had made a mistake.

2020,I started taking it very seriously and updating them every single days amount, for each account,

I’m probably in trouble now.

I don’t know I feel so crap.

It is just venting I don’t really want to talk about it.

I hope the consequences are not too serious.

I hope they let me know within a month or so but things are slow at the moment.

I feel so awful.

I mean one form of consequences could maybe be that they could stop me having benefits for certain amount of years and if I start working now and then covid puts me out of job I’ll have nothing to fall on to not even my parents as they’ll be living in a smaller house.
This is sort of the jist of what’s been happening.
I know I’ve not been very clever or sensible.
I have been careless.
Moral of the story

Always read your benefits guideline rules properly including consequences if they are not followed.

I hope I’m not prosecuted.

I really learnt my lesson from this.


I hope you will be Allright. Don’t fret. There isn’t much you can do. Take care.

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I’m going to fast for a few days that usually makes me feel better.

Just a personal choice.

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I’ve been so careless.


Something else that could happen is that I have to pay an overpayment over time.

I hope it’s not too much.

Whatever happens, I have learnt the lesson.

I Guess that they will investigate and will decide whether you were entitled to the benefit. Sounds like a fair process. At least you have some savings. You’ll be fine.

Yea it is fair I guess. :woman_shrugging: Just scary.

I definitely did not reach or pass the amount of savings where they stop your benefits (£16000) but still,

It is serious.

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I might take a break from the forum. I think people don’t like me right now.

It’s just how I feel.

Not sure if I can last off the forum though if I go ahead with that.

It’s not nice sometimes being around people who you feel don’t like you

Yeah I get the feeling too sometimes. I like you.

Whether you decide to stay or not…

Stay strong :blush:

Sorry to hear you get that feeling too sometimes

It’s not a pleasant feeling sometimes…

But it’s life just gotta accept and understand not everyone will necessarily like me

No not at all :roll_eyes:

Just keep doing your thing

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I guess at the end of the day I don’t like everyone either so yea that’s just how the world works.

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Yeah I’ve noticed that people gets naturally attracted to happy people.

So it’s important to take care ya self. To make your self happy, rather than chase the ones who dont like you

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Even if I feel someone doesn’t like me, without clear direct proof but it’s how I feel, sometimes it hurts so I just stay away from that nonsense

It’s not good to live in too much pain


I know that a couple people on this forum don’t like me…but I don’t really care myself. They are in the minority I think.

It’s so easy to jump to conclusions about people sometimes.

Still if someone causes me a lot of pain or stress, I don’t like them.

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I never noticed that…, that anyone doesn’t like you.

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Hey you have good days and bad days mate.

Stay away from toxic people and stick to your routine

Stay away from molds and drugs…

But meds help me sometimes

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Yea medication can be good it seems, apparently

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